Who doesn't need a little creative twist in their life?


Creatively thoughtful was launched in 2016 for people looking to add a bit of a creative twist to their life. Whether you are looking for some creative inspiration, a few helpful tips I have come across to some twists on recipes I’ve enjoyed making than this website is just for you!

I juggled with the thought of this site for a while, and I needed an outlet to keep me busy throughout the day while my husband and son weren’t home. Being a stay at home mom and wife can get pretty lonely and boring sometimes.  I’ve been wanting to find a way to share what I have learned throughout my short, and when I mean short I mean a lovely 7 months without working, on just how to save money while having one income coming into the household. So that’s where the idea of creatively thoughtful came into play, and my husband has helped me accomplish on getting everything set up and started.


Now it’s time to get a little personal. Creatively thoughtful was founded by yours truly, Dallas Fusco.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, and it has been one of my passions and one of my hobbies that I have had since high school. It was actually one of things I wished I could make a profession out of, but of course life has its ways of turning its head and making things a little harder to get. I took a few classes in school but that was about it really.

I never did go to college and seek furthering my passion and love of writing. Instead I was steered into another direction and into a terrible relationship. I’m not proud of how long I remained in it either, and all the things that I had felt. It had gotten to the point where I felt obligated to quit my job, moving around and in the end I got pregnant. I stayed in that position and struggled for 8 months of my pregnancy before calling it quits and moving back into my parent’s home. Which was the best decision I had ever made for my health as he was faithful either. It was all really a blessing in disguise. Although this bad place in my life is what gave me one of the best things in my life. Which happens to be my son, who is a spunky little man with a love of video games just like his mom.

After having my son, I lived with my parent’s for six years. For five years I worked with some amazing people, and cared for mentally disabled adults. All the while I still kept a little hobby of writing off to the side as well as gaming for some downtime. My love for gaming actually led me to meet the love of my life. We dated for close to a year before tying the knot in July of 2015. Life changed pretty quick, I quit my job, and we moved to a different state. Since moving to an entirely different state and away from most of my family we decided that it was best that I be a stay at home mom for my son’s sake. I enjoy the role of being a stay at home mom and wife, but I was itching to find ways on how to help save us money since we are just living o20150731_124119n my husband’s income. I’ve signed up for several survey sites, and I coupon like there’s no other and I’m actually proud to say that I save us a decent amount of money.

I’ve now also developed the love for working out and finding out on how to make things heathier. Both my husband and I are diabetic, and well at first I wasn’t the best of cook, and I still struggle here and there but I’ve found a nice footing. Although through this weight loss journey I’ve had my struggles, and heck I’d be lying if I say I didn’t feel discouraged from time to time, but hey that’s life right?

I’ve come a long way from being in a terrible relationship and being constantly put down, to who I am today. I’m inspired by so many things now, and I want to help people through their struggles as I know how it can feel to feel like you can’t get anywhere. That’s what drove me to create this blog, and I hope that it can help someone in one way or another.