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DIY Christmas Garland

DIY Christmas Garland

I didn’t realize that I was super picky when it came to certain types of decorations for Christmas. I wanted to dress up the front porch of our house, and well I wasn’t going to do that by stringing lights from the edges of the house, and neither was my husband. We are both terrified of heights, and well frankly we didn’t want to pay someone to hang lights that would just have to be tore back down at the end of the holiday season. Anyways, we have a support pillar outside, and I wanted to dress it up along with our front window. I thought what better way to decorate it than some lights and garland. I personally thought it would be to plain to just use lights, and I wanted to add some greenery to the front.

I looked around several stores and I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So of course I dived into pinterest and came across some really great ideas! None of which were really my taste, I didn’t want the typical pine cones, cherries, and poinsettias. I did come across a few that had some ornaments strung in it and I figured I would give those a shot! I couldn’t find any garland that already had multi colored lights strung throughout it, so my husband and I figured it would just be easier to buy the garland and the lights separate from each other rather than hunting down the garland at other stores.

I bought all my supplies from Walmart, which included 50ft garland, spray on snow, ornaments, and lights. We also picked up fishing line to secure the bulbs on the garland and to secure the lights and garland to the pillar outside. It’s far better than drilling if you ask me! I did spray on the snow, but even when dried it just flaked off and wouldn’t stay on, so honestly I wouldn’t do that part unless you want too!  I tried to thread the lights in the garland, but I soon found out that it was just to thin and it was looking rather funny. The garland itself ended up snapping in half when I was trying to remove what lights I had strung through. So I came up with the idea of putting them together to create a thicker look for the garland!

I strung fishing line through the hoops of the bulbs and made sure they were nice and tight on there before taking them outside and securing them to the garland itself. I just took the end that broke off and moved it up to the top and began attaching the bulbs to it, and basically tied them together. It took me maybe 45 minutes for this entire process, and I was crazy enough to do it outside!  With the help of my husband we attached the lights and garland to the pillar, and then began to wrap them around the pillar, and ended up with something I can say that I’m proud turned out fairly nice. In total this project cost me around twenty five dollars! Not to bad if I do say so myself.

I dressed up the front window with some tree garland, and lights, and my son wanted to add in the window clings. All in all I really think this little project came out nicely. I just need to get my Christmas wreath finished and my front porch will be complete. Maybe…that is!


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