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DIY Halloween Skull

DIY Halloween Skull

Okay, so I’ve gone a bit crazy with the whole Halloween decorating. Like really crazy that my husband says I need to stop buying for Halloween and wait for other holidays. Ha. Although I cannot help myself sometimes especially when it comes to find some of those said Halloween decorations at our Local(ish) Dollar Tree. We live like thirty minutes from any decent shopping, so yeah. Although, I really wanted some of those little plastic skulls they had in some of their giant bins, but low and behold most of them just well they looked like they needed some TLC. Which I gladly gave them of course. I only bought one for the time being, mainly for my the Halloween wreath that I made for our front door. Which might I say came out pretty awesome.

Changing up this dollar store skull was super easy. What I did was spray paint the whole skull in a gray metallic color. Obviously you want to do this in a well ventilated area, which I did mine outside and sprayed it while it was in a box since it was windy outside. I let it dry over night then painted in the details with the black paint. I let that dry then I did what I call dry painting, and I dabbed a paper towel in a small amount of black and cream colored paint and rubbed it on the skull to give it a more dingy look to it. I also used some of the vase fillers from my Halloween vase and placed them in the eyes, which is completely optional, but it looks pretty awesome when my wreath is lit up and it reflects off of the glitter from the inside of the eyes.

It can be a little time consuming, but it really is worth it in my opinion. It gives the dollar store skull a whole new look and looks like you spent more money on it than what you really did spend on it. My next set of projects is finishing up on some more deco mesh wreaths, and maybe just maybe some Christmas crafts. Even though I know there is a whole other month before December, as I say, it’s never to late to start!

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