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Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

This wreath I had a love hate type of relationship. Although I really do wish now that I took pictures of it’s progress as it came along. I had changed my mind so much on what was going to go on it it’s not even funny. First it was little purple bats, then it was crows, then both the bats and crow together. I had also thrown in orange tulle, but eventually took it off. I added in the glitter branches, which well with attaching them to the frame it’s self and the wind well let’s just say they are just plastic looking branches because I should have sealed the glitter on there. Oh well. I lived and I learned when it came to working with glitter and wreaths.

I did string in some red LED battery operated lights in there as well. I didn’t get pictures of it with the lights going, I figured they would be a bit bright for my dinky camera on my phone. But just take my word for it that it looks pretty epic on my door. It did take me a bit to figure out what was going in the center, but once I figured it out the wreath finally feels like it’s finished!  Can you believe that that little skull is from the dollar store! It needed some TLC, but it fits in quite nicely with my wreath! Which it now has taken up place on my front door. I’ll share another time of the steps I did in order to make it look the way it does now.

My son I know approves of the set up that’s for sure. It was pretty fun to make this wreath and I really look forward to making more holiday themed wreaths here in the future!

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