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Festive Halloween Vase

Festive Halloween Vase

First off let me just say that I am super excited for Halloween this year. I’m not sure what it is, but I think a lot of it has to do with having my own home this time around. Living in an apartment really just cramps the whole creative vibe. Now I can go wild! Well, not really, I don’t think my husband would be happy if I went and blew a lot of money on decorations ha. That’s what I love about the dollar store though. They have quite a few items that Walmart carries but obviously for so much cheaper.  Although I feel like I’m becoming a rather frequent visitor there…like weekly or more because that’s just how I roll.

I had an empty vase sitting at the top of my coat closet just collecting dust, and I had been wanting to make something that I could set in the middle of my table and give my home a little more Halloween spirit. Now I know it’s not even October yet, but as I see if you can never really start to early right? I’ll be doing the same thing for all the other holidays too. I went in to our local(ish) Dollar Tree today and they were already setting up their CHRISTMAS stuff….Christmas really! That’s only thirteen Friday’s away. Not like I’m counting or anything, but I’m getting sidetracked from the whole point of this post. Forgive me.

They had plenty of Halloween type decorations, but not much in the actual ‘crafting’ aspect. I did come across some little battery operated lights, which I love and I’m using a set I bought else where in my Halloween wreath, and some orange and black vase fillers. I was thinking of adding in some of their glitter branches, but the last time I used those the glitter just came right off of them after trying to attach them to my wreath. After picking those I went home and went straight down to my crafting area as soon as I was able too.

Can I just say that working with those lights and those little glitter balls can be very frustrating? I worked the lights in with them while they were in the vase and it was just a flat out mess. Did I

mention these said vase fillers are covered in glitter? Yeah I’m beginning to hate the stuff….After a few minutes I was finally able to work the lights in with the little glitter balls to make it so the whole vase would light up evenly around the vase. I put the little control boxes on top for ease access since the wires weren’t overly long and it would have just looked silly to have them hanging out the back of it anyway. So I went ahead and wrapped some ribbon around it. Which I’m sure you can guess I bought from the dollar store. It was one of their better ribbons thankfully and it was easy to work with. Frankly I stocked up their Halloween ribbon as soon as I saw them starting to put it out back in August.

I secured the ribbon onto the vase with hot glue, which silly me touched it while at it’s hottest and burnt the top of my index finger. I’ve got a nice blister now. You would think that I would know not to touch it by now, but I guess I’m a gluten for punishment. It took me a bit to go through the rest of the ribbon I had, but I finally settled on three different ones. I settled for a glitter orange tulle, which I got at hobby lobby, and some glittered spider web mesh.

You would think with how much I despise glitter I would stop buying, but I can’t help myself sometimes when I really like the designs or the color. Sometimes it works out well, and other times such as this time, it looks like someone or something decided to vomit glitter all over my table. I’ll just say that I have a lot of cleanup to do. I can say though that I am happy with the way the vase came out in the end, and it was well worth the glitter all over the place, because I think it just looks to darn cute. It’s already on my kitchen table as I write this!


Supplies I used: 

  • 1 Vase
  • 2 battery operated LED Lights
  • 1 Package of Vase Fillers
  • Ribbon (I used 4 different ones)

And here is the fully finished product. Don’t mind the messy background, I have craft stuff everywhere right now.

Are you guys excited for Halloween this year?



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