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We have grass…right?

We have grass…right?

We finally have our landscaping done. Although, I have to say that we are pleased for the most part, it could have been better. Everything was finished about a month ago and we are still finding issues. First off, we discovered a HOLE, yes you read that right, a hole underneath our newly placed sod near the sidewalk. We noticed it after one of my sons friends sat down on the grass and it sagged into the ground. My husband lifted it up and behold an area that didn’t look like it had been filled with dirt. Like…really? We called the landscaper…he said he would be out, but guess what he never showed. So we bought some top soil and filled it in ourselves.

Now you may think that this was it, but it’s not. One of our sprinkler heads is missing a cap and it sprays all over the place. Called him, and guess what he never picked up. Another thing is our patio he had put in has sunken in the middle. Given we did have our small grill on it, but I really don’t think it should have sunk as much as it has. Our grass has brown spots all over the place, there’s huge cracks between sod pieces so they are drying out. It’s really just a giant mess. My husband and I have been working on it when we can to make it better, and it’s slowly coming along and most of the brown spots are now gone.

Although, when it was first done it really did look nice, but we had no idea the guy would be this hard to get a hold of and actually have come out here and look at all the things that have gone wrong. It seems like a the job was rushed, but didn’t start showing it till later on. Not to complain, they did do a great job with our stairs, and the outlining of the flower beds so there’s that!


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