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Landscaping Adventures

Landscaping Adventures

First off I am just going to start off by saying trying to find a landscaping company was such a pain in the rump that it drove my husband more insane than me. Ha, but than again that was just because he was the one dealing with most of it all. Such a trooper that he is that’s for sure. It took us over a month to finally settle with a landscaping company…took forever to just get 4 bids might I add in.

Now, after paying our landscaper, it took him another two weeks to come out and even start! But I can’t blame them, the weather has had more mood swings than I normally do in a month. BUT we finally have our sprinklers in! Just…sprinklers….nothing else just yet, but I’m excited to see how it all comes out in the end!  Below I’ve included a few pictures of how it’s coming along! 


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