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Save Money Shopping on Amazon

Save Money Shopping on Amazon

Have you ever wondered when coming across a review on Amazon and it states that they received the product for free or a discounted price? For the longest time it drove me insane because I wanted to figure out how these people were able to get such great deals. Well I finally came across a site or two that does just that. Despite the new policy changes on Amazon where you aren’t allowed to leave a review with that wording in it, these sites still do exist believe it or not and they are not scams either. You don’t have to provide any kind of personal information; all you need to do is link up your amazon account and then you’re ready to start snagging a deal if you come across something you would like to buy.

Snagshout I find to be better than the amazon trader, as I have tried getting deals from them but I never hear back from the seller with a discounted code. With Snagshout its immediate and all you need to do is select the item you want to purchase, hit snag and they will give you a discount code in which you can apply to your cart on Amazon. It isn’t a must to leave a review anymore to get these discounts, but I find it respectful to do so because that’s what keeps these sites and sellers willing to sell their items at such drastic price cuts.


As you can see from the image above that this is something that is quite legit. I haven’t had any issues from using this site, and I can now claim up to 3 snags at a time. Personally I think this site is worth a look through, if it can save you some money then why not. From the items that I have purchased, it has saved me more than 100 dollars from things that I’ve wished to get but didn’t want to pay as much as they were wanting for it.


  • Easy to Use
  • Plenty to choose from
  • Big discounts


  • Can only claim one item when first starting
  • Slowly builds up to get more snags


Have you tried Snagshout?

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