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Mintvine Review

Mintvine Review

Oh the love of survey sites right? I came across another survey site a few months back and I figured I would go ahead and give this one ago. As if I needed to add another survey site to my growing list, but I hadn’t heard much about this site. My overall impression is it’s a good site, but it does have its flaws. Then again what site doesn’t right? I call this one of my slow earner sites as I personally don’t spend much time on this site. I mainly do their polls and a few surveys every few days or so.

I just barely cashed out with their site with 36 dollars towards my PayPal. Now it took me a while to accumulate this much, but remember this is based mainly off doing polls and the occasional survey here and there. They do have an offer wall which I haven’t really looked all the much into, but this site reminds me a little bit of swagbucks with a touch of Inboxdollars. If you participate on either of those sites, then you should know what mean.

Alas, I don’t know how long I will stay active on this site. There are few things on here that make me shy away from it, and they are probably the main reason why I don’t like putting a lot of time and effort into the site itself. First off, they run off a point system like Swagbucks does. Most of their surveys are low paying ones but they still give you a fair amount to make it worth your time if you decide to do one or two.  The number one drawback to this site is the fact that you don’t receive those points unless they are approved. You will have a waiting period of 15 days to see if your answers that you had provided were quality and that they are accepted. Then you will see the points move from pending to approved and it will go towards what you can cash out. The only points that you don’t have to wait for are the polling ones, DQ’d points, and anything from the offer wall.

What I do like about this site is that for the polls you get 5 points apiece each day. Once you answer 10 polls in a row you get an extra 25 points. Not too bad for one second out of the day if you ask me. Some surveys if you’re far enough into it and you get disqualified you can get up to a 30 point DQ compensation for your time. Usually they roughly range from 1 to 5 points though, but again at least you’re getting something for the time you had spent on the survey.


  • Low cash out, 10 minimum
  • Many options to choose from to cash out for
  •  Higher points for polls, along with a bonus of 25 after answering 10 in a row
  • DQ points from 1-5 points to 30 points from time to time



  • You must wait 15 days for your points from surveys to be approved
  • For cash out you have a week until they cash it out to you


So, if you think about it, it’s not to terrible and the pros in my opinion outweigh the cons on this site. If you’re interested in giving this site a try click here to sign up.


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