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How I make an extra 200 a month

How I make an extra 200 a month

You know those moments where you want to sit down and just yank your hair out of your head because you’re just a little more stressed than normal? I can’t say that I’m the best person to give any kind of advice to when it comes to financial help, because I typically don’t stay with in my own budgets. It’s a slow learning process for me, just as I am sure there are other people out there who struggle with it just as much as I do.

Although I am more than willing to share on how I have been able to earn an extra 683 dollars in the past three months. It’s not a huge amount I know that, but hey it’s almost 700 bucks, so who can beat that! It’s paid for most of Christmas and a few bills so I can’t complain about it, now can I? Everyone knows that doing survey sites isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and had I not actually added my totals from all the sites I’ve been doing I wouldn’t have believed my eyes that I had made as much as I have. I thought that I wasn’t earning much and I was just wasting my time, but when you see those raw numbers it really hits home. Just because those numbers of cash roll out in low amounts doesn’t mean that it doesn’t add up in the end.


As you can see from the image above I do quite a few sites, but heck I can’t complain because I usually don’t spend more than a few hours a day doing tasks on each of these sites. For being a stay at home mom I surely cannot complain! So here is a small run down on what I do on each of these sites, so you can really see just how I managed to get those numbers within the three months of working on these sites.

SwagbucksREVIEW – This is a site I have grown to love over the course of three months. At first when I had no idea how to use it I was seriously struggling to hit those daily goals. But with some help from fellow swag users from a few of their team challenges I really learned a lot. I plan on writing out an advanced guide for this site soon, in which I will link along with my review of the site. It might add up slowly, but it really is worth the time in my opinion. I do mostly survey’s, ncrave, and a few discovery items then bam, hit the daily goal and then some.

MintvineREVIEW – This is one of my slower builder sites. As I don’t give this site that much attention. I will do the occasional survey here and there along with an offer or two. But I mostly just answer the polls and call it good.

InboxDollarsREVIEW – Despite my loathing of this site, I still stay somewhat active on this site. I click on the paid emails and run the TV section in the background earning about a dollar or so a day. Not to bad if I say so.

PaidviewPoint – REVIEW – This site is probably the quickest survey site I have ever come across. Even if their payouts are pretty much 10 cents at a time, I’m on this site for less than 5 minutes out of the day. Basically it’s easy, fast, and simple. Despite it being slow I find it worth it.

IbottaREVIEW – This app is pretty self explanatory, go through the list of grocery stores and pick the one you plan on shopping at. Go through it, then select your desired rebates. After you’re done shopping scan the product you bought that matches the rebate then scan the receipt. Nothing like getting more of your money back! for just scanning an item.

So there you have it! I hope that you can find some helpfulness from this and line your pockets with some extra money for the holidays or bills or whatever your little heart desires!

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