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Inboxdollars: The Brutal but Honest Truth of this Site

Inboxdollars: The Brutal but Honest Truth of this Site

I’m sure a few of you have heard of inbox dollars. If you haven’t, well I would say honestly it isn’t the best of the sites to get money from. Yes, I am a slightly active member on there. I achieved their ‘gold’ membership in March of 2016, but I have yet to cash out again for another payment. Their process is as slow as a slug on hot cement.  Given this site does have it’s potential, but I won’t lie. I have had problems with it off and on that I just do the bare minimum on there and call it good. I will occasionally do a survey here and there, but I don’t like to waste a lot of my time on this site.


As of March, I’ve made a total of 17.35, that’s mostly from just letting my paid emails piling up then smacking that confirm read button when I do go and visit the site. Their offers seem like scams to me from some of their partners and I don’t trust putting some of my information on there. If you rely solely on their surveys, videos, TV section, and paid emails you can slowly accumulate some cash. Which hey I guess isn’t too terrible as most of the time it takes 5 minutes’ tops to go through. Although, you can leave the TV section up and running in the background, and as long as you don’t have it minimized and can see some of the screen it will still think you’re watching it. They do put up a continue button after a few minutes, so that’s something to watch out for.

When you do make enough to cash out, they require a processing fee, so if you actually want 30 dollars, better make some extra cash to top that all off. Their cash out for me almost took 2 weeks to get to me as well. So as you can see from the image below, I tried to get a tad more cash before requesting my payout, but I honestly just didn’t want to wait any longer to cash it out. So I managed to get 27.27 on my first cash out. I’m hoping to cash out again by Christmas.


Now would I suggest if you give this site a shot? I would say go for it if you want or feel the need too. I’m not going to sugar coat anything about this site. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands or need something a little quicker, check out my other reviews on other survey sites that I do highly suggest and by pass this one because you won’t get diddle squat right off the bat. Offers that you may fill out you probably won’t get the incentive 9 out of 10 times, and well why take the risk? Swagbucks is far superior to this site by far. Below I will list my thoughts of what the pros and cons are of this site, and you can use you own judgement on if this site is right for you. Just because it’s not for me, does not mean that it won’t be for you.


  • TV section can run in the background on your computer or off their App (you can earn 2 dollars a day doing this)
  • Paid emails are easy to access and earn a few pennies from (usually you will get 3 a day, making .6 cents daily)
  • Some surveys are worth a decent amount of cash.
  • They send checks or you can cash out with gift cards
  • They do give you 5 dollars are sign up


  • High cash out rate, you must get 30 dollars before you can request a check or gift card
  • Low incentives
  • Offers are either spam, or they don’t give you your incentive most of the time
  • Apps downloaded from app don’t always give their incentive
  • Takes a while to accumulate enough money to cash out
  • If you actually want 30 dollars you need to make enough to cover their processing fee which is over 3 dollars.
  • Takes almost 2 weeks to receive payment

So there you have it, if you want to join follow this link to sign up.


Have you had good experience with this site?


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