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Ibotta: Because You Know Money is Great.

Ibotta: Because You Know Money is Great.

I cannot explain how much I love this little phone app. Sure it has its little moments where I want to roll my eyes at it and feel some frustration. But come on doesn’t most apps in general do this? I’ve been using Ibotta now for maybe close to a year and I can say that at first when I was still learning how it worked and what rebates worked with which products and well actually taking the time to read that little fine print I have been able to earn back a decent amount of money. They have rebates from multiple stores, and they all vary in price. They have also added in a new mobile app section for people who shop online at certain websites. I have yet to try this or look into it, but if I do I will most certainly post an update of my experience with it.

What Ibotta basically does is that it gives you money back on products that you already buy. They have a range of name brand products you can select from, or they have ones that are for any brand. The only frustration with the any brand products is that it doesn’t count towards your teamwork goals, and extra bonuses they might be running at the time as well. Which can be rather annoying since some of the name brand products I can’t see myself buying where I can get the knock off brand for cheaper than what the rebate offers me.

Although, I still use it, and I can say that I cannot complain. They have rebates ranging from most food products, health care such as vitamins, and even baby products. Also if you’re a drinker they do have some rebates on alcohol from time to time as well. But having this little app on your phone and cashing in those rebates when you can, and well umm, when you remember…(I forget a lot sometimes to scan those pesky barcodes and receipts…) it will certainly add up. You can cash out at twenty-dollars, and send it either to Vemo, PayPal, or a choice from the gift cards that they offer.

As an added bonus to Ibotta, if you sign up using a link provided either from me or even a friend you may know that uses it, you can get TEN dollars on your first rebate that you scan in and it gives five dollars to the person that has referred you. It’s like a lovely little gift that keeps on giving. Because you can share your referral as well and get yourself another five bucks and give them ten. So why not right? Keep on saving and pass on the added bonus to other’s. Who couldn’t use some extra cash in their pockets?


  • Easy Navigation to find what you’re looking for
  • Decent Rebates
  • Wide Variety offered
  • Multiple Stores for rebate redemption
  • Fast money deposits towards PayPal or Gift Cards


  • Any brand products don’t count towards goals and bonus offers
  • Twenty dollar cash out
  • Not all rebates are offered at related stores

If you’re interested in downloading Ibotta, click the link here and get your rebate on!

Have you tried Ibotta? If so what do you think of it?


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