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Swagbucks | Worth Your Time or Not?

Swagbucks | Worth Your Time or Not?

You may be asking yourself if Swagbucks is worth your time or not. I’ve been a member of Swagbucks since October of 2015, and at first I was really skeptical. I was desperate to find a survey site that might be able to help pay for Christmas and take some of the financial hardship off of my husband. I didn’t make much at first, and this defiantly isn’t a site that you can get rich off of either. I’ve made roughly a little over one-hundred dollars, but I haven’t really been keeping up with the site the past few months either.

I won’t lie taking surveys can get pretty old pretty quick. That’s one thing that I do enjoy about swagbucks though, they do offer other ways that you can earn swagbucks from completing offers, doing the daily poll, shopping online, and even playing games.  The variety that they offer on this site is great, and makes the experience enjoyable. I have made my swagbucks mostly from taking surveys, I’ve actually gotten pretty luck and have managed to get on a few survey panels through their gold surveys where their pay outs are between ten to thirty dollars within four to six weeks. Below you can see a report of everything I have made, what I have pending, and how I’ve earned some of the swagbucks for that day.

A few things that I do like about swagbucks besides the variety they offer is the amount of gift cards you can choose with what you earn. It really is nice, I mostly choose amazon gift cards, but you can also have a payout option for paypal if you’re not looking for gift cards. They also don’t fill up your email with a bunch of spam, and you have the option to sign up to receive survey requests through your email so you don’t have to go to their website to look at the surveys they have available. They do have several apps now that you can download onto your android and iphones now that also make it even easier to earn swagbucks. I haven’t tried their answer or local apps just yet, but I have tried their video and main app, and I can’t complain about them too much.

The downside I have come across so far with swagbucks, which I’m sure happens with most survey sites in my opinion, is not being rewarded for a survey you have taken or an app you may have downloaded through their main phone app. I cannot say how many surveys I have completed and I never got a payout from, and the same with the apps as well. I’ve also come across a few surveys’ where at the very end it tells me I don’t qualify and that’s that after twenty or so minutes sitting here filling out a survey. Also they aren’t overly quick on delivering the payouts, but it usually has taken no more than a week to receive a gift card once I’ve put in a request.  So I can’t complain that much because at least I do get the money that I have earned.

Their shopping section is a bit iffy to me, I’ve shopped through Amazon while having their swag extension activated, and I’ve only earned once from the amount of shopping I do on Amazon. At first I didn’t realize it was only on certain things till I went to their shop page, and before you click to enter the site below there will be what you can earn swagbucks back on. Which most of the time are things that I wouldn’t actually go to Amazon to buy. I do have a pending swagbucks from a purchase I had made on Origin, and for each time you do make a qualified purchase you have to wait four weeks before those pending swagbucks will be put onto your account.

Overall I think Swagbucks is worth the time, if you’ve got the patience and time to sit down and take a few surveys to hit your goal that they have up for you for the day. Specially to get the bonus swagbucks that will be received the next month, which can really add up if you manage to hit that goal every single day. I’ve heard that their customer care is pretty easy to deal with, I haven’t had to deal with them just yet which in my opinion is a very good thing.

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How about you? Have you had a good or bad experience with swagbucks?

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